Letter from a Vampire

A letter written by Inness St. Croix to her husband Ettiene in 1609. One of four letters written by Inness known to exist, two of which are held in the Vatican Secret Archives, and one rumored to be in the […]

Gems of the Underworld

Your achievements in The Vampire Tribunals will often produce gems. These stones are coveted by the Prince of Merchants. Once you have found 4 of these gems, the Prince will pay you in silver drachs. The amount he pays is […]

Vampiric Demons

As a damphyr, you are able to sense the demonic vampires that traffic among mankind. You can gain power by attacking these demons, some can be banished or killed by dealing a death blow.  They number in the thousands, but […]

The World is your Playground

The Janus Mirror card is found in the Deck of Days. By using the Janus Mirror you assume an astral form, allowing you to travel anywhere in the world. The Janus Mirror can be used for free 25 minutes per […]

Deal from the Deck of Days

As a damphyr, you begin with a set of available powers and buffs that are found in the Deck of Days. To use these cards you must pay the Prince of Merchants with silver drachs. The starter deck opens with…

Silver Drach: Currency of the Underworld

To purchase cards from the Deck of Days you will need Silver Drachs, the currency of The Vampire Tribunals. You can collect drachs several different ways; giving gems to the Prince of Merchants, completing quests, or purchasing drachs with real […]